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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should your company join Click A Tour?

Click A Tour is an online booking platform for tours, attractions and activities. Our vast distribution network creates additional revenues for your company.

How can I sell my products on Click A Tour?

First you need to sign up as a supplier on Click A Tour. After we have checked your registration, we will grant you access to our system so you can start uploading your products to our system. Once your products are approved, we will put them online and customers can start booking.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, your profile will go through two stages before being activated. First, your account manager will check the basic information you have provided to make sure your business and type of products match our target. If you are a local supplier of tours and activities, your profile will be granted access. You will then have access to the various features of your profile on our system and are able to upload your products.

To complete your registration, the following information should be added to your profile:

1. Insurance Policy / Waver

2. Company Registration / Business License

Insurance Policy / Waver and the Company Registration / Business License can be loaded in Supplier Administration when you login at

How much does it cost to use Click A Tour?

It’s free to use Click A Tour. There are no sign-up or subscription fees. You only pay a commission on successful bookings. Our commission fee is the lowest in the market.

What kind of companies are suited for Click A Tour?

Click A Tour works with professional suppliers of tours, attractions and other destination services. Our suppliers are usually direct operators and tend offer products in the following categories: Tours, Activities, Nightlife, Classes, City Cards, Ground Transportation / Transfers, Snow & Winter Sports, Attractions, Shows & Events, Rentals, Shore Excursions, Museum entries and other kinds of leisure activities.

If you are unsure whether your company is suited for distribution on Click A Tour, simply contact us.

How do I set the commission rate?

There is a minimum commission rate determined for any account. Please contact your account manager or for any other commission rate.

How does the booking process work?

Customers/Affiliates-Partners book and pay directly a deposit or the full amount on Click A Tour. We accept credit cards and other payment forms.

As supplier you receive the full payment (commission deducted) for your bookings transferred directly to your bank account on a weekly basis or in case of a deposit payment the customer pays the balance direct to you.